Aging Concerns Checklist

Concerned about an older relative or neighbor? Sometimes you just aren't sure if you are over-reacting...or not recognizing a potentially serious problem.


Use the following checklist to help you categorize the types of concerns you are having. When you call Jewish Family Service of the Cincinnati area, keep the checklist handy to describe the situation your older relative or neighbor is experiencing.


___Emotional Issues

Have you noticed less interest in activities they once enjoyed?

Have they experienced a recent death (spouse, friend, pet)?

Are they anxious perhaps over issues related to their finances or health?


___Environmental Issues

Is their home not as clean and safe as in the past?

Is there clutter that has begun to accumulate?

Is there little or spoiled food in the refrigerator?

Does the car have unexplained dents or scratches?


___Financial Issues

Is there unopened mail?

Are there automatic payments coming out of their checking account that you do not recognize the source?

Does there appear to be frequent package deliveries?


___Intellectual Issues

Are they forgetting recent information or small details?

Is their clothing inappropriate to the season?

Have they gotten lost in a familiar place?


___Physical Issues

Do you suspect vision or hearing problems have worsened?

Are there a large number of different and/or expired medications from different doctors?

Has there been significant weight loss or gain recently?

Do they appear not to be brushing their hair or shaving as often as in the past?

Are they avoiding driving to new destinations or at night?

Have there been any recent falls?


___Social Issues

Are they talking and having visits with friends less regularly?

Have they dropped out of a card group or other regular social gatherings?

Has their television viewing increased or decreased?


___Spiritual Issues

Has their interest in spiritual or religious matters suddenly declined or increased?

Do they talk about end of life issues?


___Vocational Issues

Do they no longer volunteer when they once did?

Has their interest in their hobbies or favorite pursuits declined?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, call CareLinkTM  513-766-3307.