Tips and Checklists

Aging Concerns checklist: Use the following checklist to help you categorize the types of concerns you are having with your aging loved one.

Caring for an Aging Parent tips: Taking care of an aging parent can be a positive experience. Yet, if you live out of town, have a demanding job or busy family, it may be hard to always keep this favorable perspective. Use these tips to help make it a rewarding experience. 


Emergency checklist: Use this checklist to help you be prepared if your aging parents have an emergency.


Health Warning Signs: Use these tips to help you recognize warning signs of

potential health problems in your aging parents.


Geriatric Depression checklist: This is a screening tool designed specifically for older adults who may need further evaluation for depression.


Personal Affairs Management tips: Understanding the complexities of Social Security, insurance, Medicare and Medicaid can be confusing. And managing the maze of mail (is it junk or not?) and bill paying can be time-consuming. Use these tips to help you navigate your way.


Heart Health tips:  When was the last time you thought about your heart health? Use these easy to follow tips to help keep your heart in tip top shape.


Summer Safety Tips: Five tips to help beat the heat in the summer. 


Senior Home Safety: The goal of CareLinkTM is to help older adults maintain independence in their own homes. Use the following checklist to determine the safety of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...and the whole home. 


Summer Tips: As summer is upon us and the weather is in the 90's most days, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy. Learn how to keep cool through the rest of summer. 


Healthy Eating: Consuming too much junk food can not only slow your body down but can also slow your mind down. Here you'll find five tips to boost your nutrition.